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the first post is about my dad.

June 17, 2012

I thought long and hard about the topic of my first post on It’s kind of a big deal- all the expectations (or non expectations) the beginning can give. If this post sucked, then none of you would ever come back and I’d be doomed forever.

Then I realized that I was thinking too hard. What made me realize you ask? Well, people asked me what I was getting my dad for father’s day. And by people I mean my mom.

And then it hit me.

My dad is the most beeyouteafull person I know. Yes, you read that correctly. Not beautiful- bee you tea full. There is a difference.

beautiful is skin deep.
beeyouteafull is soul deep.

I may have just made that up. let’s roll with it.

To recap the about page, here’s what beeyouteafull means to me:

because being beautiful isn’t an outside job.

it’s an inside job.

it requires you work hard like a bee.

it requires you to be you.

it requires you to nourish yourself with the good stuff- with a cup of tea maybe.

it requires you to be positive. to always see the glass as half full. even if it’s half full with air.

I think he’s a living example of everything everyone should ever strive to be. It’s also father’s day and since I have no idea what to get the man who has everything (when you have the world’s most awesome daughter, what more could you want?!), I thought I’d kill a few birds with this post.

First post on Check.

Father’s Day gift. Check.

Awesome reaction to best father’s day gift ever. I’ll take a picture of him reading this post and maybe share it later.

So without further a do, here goes:

BEE – my dad works so hard he makes bees look like they’re chilling like villains.

YOU – my dad says it like it is. And that’s who he is. In fact, he’s pretty badass in his own way. I remember when I was in high school there were times when random kids would call my house and ask for me. And by kids I mean random boys. Let’s all pretend this is totally normal for a second. Because it was. For a lot of tamil girls back in the day. (and maybe other girls too. maybe it was a late 90s early 00s thing) Anyway, when these boys would call, my dad didn’t yell at them or threaten them to stay away from his daughter. Oh no. He would have a calm, gentle, LONG conversation explaining to them that they had no idea what they were in for. That girls cost a lot of money. That they should spend their hard earned money from their high school part time jobs on themselves. And maybe their mother. That they should concentrate in school and try to get ahead in life. To top it off, he’d say you’re wasting your time talking to girls. If you ever need some advice or just someone to talk to, you can call me any time. And then he’d give them his cell number. Like a boss.

TEA – my dad loves tea. and my dad is ALL about eating healthy. He’s a pescatarian so he doesn’t even need to slay the meat dragon. He’s also all about brown bread and grains. And he was into bikram/hot yoga for a while. Ya, you read that correctly.

FULL – One of my cousins summed it up perfectly in his speech at my dad’s birthday- his general outlook on life and his most favorite phrase to say is “No problem!” with a HUGE smile. Having known him for 26 years, I can say this pretty much sums who my dad is. When you grow up having a dad like that, you really do believe anything is possible.

I know I don’t say it often, but I definitely lucked out in the dad department. I LOVE YOU MY DEAR FATHER and Happy Father’s Day 🙂

This is my dad. And this is one of my fav pics of my dad. Not only because he looks as handsome as ever but because of the story behind this picture. I threw my parents a 25th anniversary party. It was supposed to be a surprise but my dad came to know of the party a couple hours before it was due to begin. (my fault- long story.) Anyway, I asked him to promise me he wouldn’t tell my mom. He didn’t (which is HUGE for my dad because he can never keep a secret from anyone. let alone my mom) But as soon as he arrived at the banquet hall, he ran up the stairs before my mom, threw his hands in the air and shouted “I KNOW! I KNOW!” This picture was taken seconds after that moment.

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  1. June 30, 2012 5:55 am

    Thanks for visiting my blog. This is a great post about your dad – he seems a great guy!

    • June 30, 2012 5:57 am

      Thanks Ken, he is! He was so excited that my first post on this blog was about him. It was his gift for father’s day this year 🙂

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